The idea of African Scraps was born quite a few years ago when Simon and I travelled in our beloved landcruiser, Habibi, from London to Cape Town. 

After living in the UK for 5 years, I had so many amazing experiences but always yearned for Africa and learned that no matter where I will be, Africa will always be in my soul and I will always think of myself as an African.

Along the way, we collected different scraps of rubbish that we found to be beautiful. Mostly, we loved to observe how African people who lived in extreme poverty could take what we would have classified as rubbish and make something resourceful and useful. Not much in Africa goes to waste and rubbish is turned into resourcefulness and possibly even something beautiful.

I loved something about these two words together for a personal blog. The scraps of my African life. Little bits and pieces I would like to remember, to share with the world. The ugliness thrown at me that can be turned into something useful or beautiful. So many beautiful moments and sights amidst everyday mundanity. 

The scraps of my African Life, African Scraps.


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