19 August 2010

Last night I dreamed that I was in the middle of a shoot and needed to change my lens. When I leaned down to my camera bag, I saw that the fronts of all my lenses had been smashed and there were chunks of glass scattered in my bag. I hadn't seen what caused it, it just was and I couldn't understand what had happened. Surely I would have seen or heard something or someone cause that? But no, it just was. It didn't occur to me in the dream to cancel the shoot - I realised that I was going to get some very different images from the session.

Since that awful morning our whole World was shattered, it's been impossible to look at life in the same sharp, structured way. But often sharpness and structure are quite boring and dull and uninspiring - there is beauty in depth and layers; and pain brings a perspective of what is truly important in life.
I've been loving my Holga - it's unpredictable, often blurry and multi-layered. Sometimes when you're not sure of the bigger view, it's comforting to find beauty in the abstract.

(For photographers who might be interested, these are all cross-processed slide film, straight out of camera)

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