Some street scenes from Italy

Some street scenes from Italy

03 May 2013

I bumped into someone today who asked me how my trip was. What trip? I wanted to ask. We got back 2 weeks ago and it feels very far away. I've had a lot of people asking me for photos from our holiday and am determined not to let a whole year go by before I get to them! (Yes, Bali is still to come!)

I spoke the other night at the South African Wedding Photographers Annual Event about the importance of playing and photographing things that you're not paid to shoot, just for fun. We spent a lot of time at our villa just chilling (photos of that to follow, it was great!) and not too much time out and about but the few times that we were, it was great to just take photos for fun. As you'll see I like taking photos of bicycles. It was so good to wonder around a foreign country for just a bit and notice abstract details and different sights for no other reason than just because.

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