India Jane

India Jane

03 May 2013

Here she is - India Jane. She’s now nearly 3 weeks old.

Since we found Jude, Saturday mornings have never quite been the same for me - they have held the association with death and our change in perspective of the world. So it feels right that India arrived early on a Saturday morning - I now have a more recent and powerful association of life being brought into this world.


Breathing out deeply to ease the pain of childbirth in contrast to the pain of not wanting to breathe at all

Listening to India’s fiesty first breath on a gloomy June morning rather than imagining Jude’s last breath while the sun shone brightly outside.

Birth and death, all part of our experience on this earth, both painful and beautiful in some way.

This is completely new territory to us now - parenting a child over 18 months as well as parenting two at the same time.

Most people who’ve had 2 kids at the same time have told me how hectic it is, especially two kids under two. I’m not going to lie - there have been some very humorous and mad and mundane moments in our home lately. Over the past few days I have breastfed in positions I didn’t know that were possible, (while pushing a pram or running after or picking up Mikaela) calmly sang to myself while both kids are crying at the same time and have had many moments of wanting to tear my hair out to the insistent bleating that only a newborn baby can belt out.

Did I mention the sleep in 2 hour segments?

Yes, I've been tempted to crack open a bottle at midday - I’ve heard it’s great for breastmilk.

But mostly it feels good to be actually going through this madness rather than anticipating the madness. And there are so many sweet moments. Mikaela kissing her sister on the head (often followed by a hefty whack) and watching the two of them together. Witnessing Simon with his two girls. The moments between the madness. Mostly, the anticipation of life and of many mad moments in the future as a family.

Bring it on.

It's quite a feat getting a photo of them together while trying to position the camera and make sure India doesn't get whacked after a kiss:

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